A goodbye Poem from Cynthia


A Tribute to Moon Dog  Moon dog,


I never told you you're the kind of man Who brings humor and laughter to all in Twitter-land. 


Now I'll miss the information about your lunch and dinner  But I'm proud to have known you. You truly were a winner.

The random little icons, the Tweets about James Bond Made me think that I knew you. I'd grown quite fond  Of your recipes and insights so random and galore;

My timeline full of little quips, what's next, what's in store?

Descriptions with Ryan Fowler of your mom on your computer
Made radio waves of happiness - so real I could see her.


Yet your sacrifices for country, your family, for everyone 
At a time when many didn't appreciate what you'd done
Brought a sadness to much you said, right below the surface.

You never said it - I felt it, those pains from that place.


Lover of America, proud veteran, Patriot, and a gentle man,  Representing most of all - a classy true Crimson Tide fan.

Goodbye, Moon Dog.  We'll be watching for your flyovers!



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