In memory of a great man and good friend MoonDog





I met Moonie as I called him in 2013, he was always laughing and cracking jokes, sending us all pictures of food and drink, pictures of aircraft and women.

People who knew him all respected his kindness and humility, his sense of humor and patriotism.

Like me he was a James Bond fan and liked me to make him  Connery avatars, he was a great supporter of the Bluehand movement and one of the founding members.

He believed as all Bluehand do that this world is being ruined by politicians, and often spoke of his despair of how his country was heading.

We spoke a great deal in Twitter in Direct Messages on this subject and others.

Moonie was indeed a great patriot and Vietnam Vet.

He was loved by all Bluehand and we miss him and his input to our movement.


Let his decency, truth, honor and mannerism be the foundation of our online movement.

Moonies final words to me in Direct Messages: "Get some rest amigo, we have a long way to go"



Moonie's favorite avatars from 2014


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